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Our History

Why pizza crumby?

 Have you ever felt that sense of heaviness when you ate a traditional pizza? Our pizza is completely different from us you have the delicious taste of Italian pizza without the heaviness!


The origins of pizza Crumby date back to Italy in 1950, to Oncino a small mountain village in the province of Cuneo near Turin, where Mr.Luigi the owner’s grandfather prepared the pizza in an iron pan cooking it on the stove, for the people of the countryside.

The Crumby pizza is high and soft with the crisp edge, this is our Italian product unique in the world. Born in Turin, the pizza pan, thick and soft is a pizza placed inside a small aluminum pan before being baked in the oven, apparently derived from the method of a pizza chef who prepared the groundwork already seasoned in advance and then bake at ordination.

The dough is left to rise a second time within the same container in which it will be cooked. The result is a higher pizza and soft with the crisp edge, an expression of traditional pizza in Turin and childhood memory of a rustic snack in the sixty years for many in the city.

Following then the first recipe that uses the long rising, with very little yeast, we are pleased to offer our delicious Italian product.

Crumby is a brand that combines taste with the values of tradition and innovation by welcoming customers in a warm and refined, a bit like being at home in Italy and surprising them with flavors and aromas that remind you: a fast food and quality, dedicated to those who have no time but want to eat real made in Italy.
So if you have a fast life and dynamic, but not give up the taste of food prepared by hand, you’re in the right place.
From us you can also enjoy delicious sandwiches with white flour or whole, created only with Italian ingredients and with passion.

This original cooking pan pizza is here for you … enjoy